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Pewter Belt Buckles

Here we have a small but amazing range of Ned Kelly, Eureka Flag, Motorcycle and car logo belt buckles suitable for custom belts. A great piece of collectable merchandise.

  • Australian Bushranger Ned Kelly Belt Buckle
    $31.95 Australian Bushranger Pewter Belt Buckle
    This belt buckle features Ned Kelly (or really any of the Kelly Gang members) in the centre of the design wielding his guns and wearing the now famous armour. The Eureka flag appears in the background and the...

  • Bushranger Ben Hall Belt Buckle
    $31.95 Bushranger Ben Hall Belt Buckle
    Here we have a metal belt buckle dedicated to another famous bushranger, Ben Hall!  A NSW based bushranger, Ben Hall was born in 1837 and was killed by police in 1865. His nickname was Brave Ben Hall and it is so rare...

  • Outlaw Ned Kelly Belt Buckle (Rectangle)
    $31.95 Outlaw Ned Kelly Belt Buckle
    This is our Outlaw Ned Kelly Belt Buckle, it's a rounded rectangular shape and features his helmet and gun with a portrait of Ned in the bottom corner. The words "Outlaw Ned Kelly" appear above his picture. The buckle...