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Men's Singlets

  • Eureka Flag Mens Singlet (Navy)
    $14.00 Eureka Flag Men's Singlet
    This singlet features the traditional Eureka Flag design, printed in white on a navy coloured men's singlet. A symbol of Unity in Defiance in Australia since 1854 when it was used in the Eureka Rebellion. A wearable piece of...

  • Kelly Gang Men's Singlet (Black)
    $15.00 Kelly Gang Men's Singlet
    This singlet or tank top features our Ned Kelly Gang design with a large picture of the famous helmet on one side, the gang members portraits on the other and the words Outlaw Ned Kelly in the middle. Underneath is the...

  • Outlaw Legend Men's Singlet
    $14.00 Outlaw Legend Men's Singlet
    This men's fit singlet features the original Ned Kelly print that started our collection, it's called Outlaw Legend and combines our most famous Australian bushranger with a motorcycle in a design by Dean's Designs. The...

  • Southern Cross Mens Singlet (Back Print)
    $15.00 Southern Cross Men's Singlet (Navy)
    A true blue singlet for men, this top features a small Southern Cross on the front and a much larger Southern Cross on the back. A great Aussie tank top for our hot climate, wear it with pride! About The Singlet:...

  • Wanted Dead or Alive Mens Singlet (Black)
    $14.00 Wanted Dead or Alive Men's Singlet
    This singlet features our Ned Kelly Wanted Dead or Alive design. The picture is printed in white on the black singlet and it features Ned, dressed in his famous armour, guns on show and the words: Ned Kelly, the original...