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Eureka Flag T-Shirts & More

Wear the traditional Eureka Flag with pride with one of these shortsleeve Eureka Flag t-shirts. Also featured is a Southern Cross design and the printing is done in Sydney, Australia. A symbol of Australian history and Unity in Defiance, search our store for other products featuring the Eureka Flag print.

  • Eureka Flag Shortsleeve T-Shirt
    $15.00 Eureka Flag T-Shirt (Navy)
    This t-shirt features the historic Eureka Flag, originating with the miner's rebellion in 1854 and now worn as a symbol of pride in Australia. It's printed in white with a navy background and the print is on the front of...

  • Southern Cross T-Shirt (Front Print)
    $16.50 Southern Cross T-Shirt (Double Sided, Navy)
    This t-shirt features a small version of our very own Southern Cross on the chest and on the back, a much larger version. A great Aussie t-shirt, printed in white print on a dark navy background. About The T-Shirt: This...