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Ned Kelly Figurines

If you're looking for collectable pewter figurines or poly-resin figures of Ned Kelly, we have a small selection here. A great piece of Ned Kelly memorabilia - the pewter is 100% Australian made!

  • Ned Kelly Pewter Figurine (Front)
    $23.95 Ned Kelly Pewter Figure (Large)
    This Ned Kelly Pewter Figurine is our largest pewter piece featuring Ned, it shows him with his gun drawn and another gun at his side ready for action. It is 100% Australian made and a high quality Ned Kelly collectable...

  • Ned Kelly Pewter Figurine (Medium Size)
    $21.95 Ned Kelly Pewter Figure (Medium)
    This pewter figurine of Ned Kelly features Ned in his iconic armour, holding a pistol pointing at you and a rifle in his other hand. It stands on a base and is 100% Australian made. A wonderful collectable piece of Ned Kelly...