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Australia Flag Love it or Leave Controversy

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G'day - we're unsure if you are aware, but we added some classic Aussie pride designs to our online store a while back. The designs include "Australia, Love it or Leave" with the Aussie flag print which is a design that's been producedin Sydney for many years now and largely sold at souvenir shops.

In the last week, Woolworths in Cairns pulled that design from the shelves after a customer complained on social media and it caused a fair bit of fuss. Our wall and our email has had a little bit of hate mail come through which is disappointing, it's unfortunate people feel that is okay to do over a t-shirt design that was not produced with even an OUNCE of the feeling or sentiment they are choosing to attribute to it.

We've seen so many comments online reading into the design far more than ever was intended many years ago when it was first produced by the Sydney printer. The printer has the view it is a patriotic design made for those who love living in Australia and it never had anything to do with multiculturalism and certainly nothing to do with any sort of hatred. It is about loving our country, Aussie pride and it is unfortunate so many people view it with so much hate.

We will not be removing the design from sale and nor will the printer who produces this product. - All the best from Ned Kelly Gifts. #GoTeamAustralia #LoveitorLeave